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Sale of Original spare parts e AfterMarket, always available both in the central warehouse at the Capua headquarters, with its perfectly organized 30,000 square meters of floor space, and in the new Distribution Centers located in Verona and Milan Pero; all warehouses are inspired by modern technologies to ensure maximum speed in order fulfillment.

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Innovation is the backbone that connects our entire distribution system, regulating demand flows within the central warehouse and branches, and constantly monitoring them through advanced logistics management systems to ensure proper inventory placement and expedited shipments to customers, enabling us to ensure efficient, speedy and quality service that meets every user need.

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The various certifications obtained contribute to making Maurelli an increasingly reliable partner: in the quality field (with the ISO 9001 management system), in the environmental field (with the ISO 14001 management system) and in the safety field (with the ISO 45001).

Maurelli Distribuzione S.p.A.

Maurelli S.p.A.

The awards obtained by Maurelli Group do not end here: the Competition and Market Authority awarded Maurelli Distribuzione S.p.A. with a high legality rating thanks to the assessment of the numerous regulatory and non-regulatory requirements that have always distinguished its work.