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MAURELLI SPA, in pursuing the management of company activities on the basis of the values ​​of efficiency, correctness and loyalty, has decided to adapt its Organization, Management and Control Model to the requirements of Legislative Decree 231/01.

This choice aims, in particular, at:

  • ensure the integrity of each company in the group, strengthening the internal control system
  • improve efficiency and transparency in the management of business activities and ensure compliance with the requirements of the Decree
  • raise awareness of the principles of transparency and fairness for all those who collaborate, for various reasons, with MAURELLI SPA.

Code of Ethics

With the adoption of the Code of Ethics, MAURELLI S.p.A. pursues the primary objective of creating a system of self-control in which the value of corporate ethics is perceived not as the result of a conduct imposed from above, but the result of a process aimed at sharing, interiorization and in practice, the principles and values ​​set out in the Code of Ethics that MAURELLI is called upon to implement on a daily basis.

The principles and values ​​that inform the Code of Ethics and the rules of conduct in which they are translated are pursued and respected at every moment of the life of the company and in every context in which the company is called to operate. The implementation of this Code is one of the personal responsibilities of each of the Recipients.

This Code of Ethics represents a fundamental step in the decision-making process that led MAURELLI S.p.A. to build its own Organization, Management and Control Model aimed at the prevention of crimes: a system of prevention measures in which the Code finds its natural place as a source of ethics-oriented corporate governance.

Code of Ethics

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Model 231

MAURELLI S.p.A. formalizes and describes in this summary document of the Organizational Model an organic set of principles, rules and control tools, functional to the creation and capillary management of an organizational system designed to prevent and effectively combat the risk of crimes which, pursuant to the Decree 231/2001, entail the administrative responsibility of the Company that has had an interest in or benefited from the crime committed.

The Company is sensitive to the need to spread and consolidate a culture of fairness, integrity and transparency in the conduct of business and company activities, to protect the image and position held, the expectations of shareholders and the work of all employees. It is also aware of the importance of having an internal organizational system capable of preventing the commission of unlawful conduct by shareholders, employees, representatives and business partners.

Model 231

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Supervisory body

MAURELLI S.p.a has established a control body, entrusted with the task of supervising the functioning and observance of the models as well as overseeing their updating (ODV).

The Supervisory Body of MAURELLI SPA is composed as follows:

Dr. Rosario Sasso (Accountant)

The reports to the Supervisory Body of MAURELLI of behaviors or events capable of causing a violation of Model 231 or which more generally are relevant for the purposes of Legislative Decree 231/01, can be forwarded in the following ways: by e-mail:

by ordinary mail: Organismo di Vigilanza c/o MAURELLI s.p.a. – Via Cerasa, snc – 81050 Pastorano (CE)

MAURELLI adopts suitable and effective measures to ensure that the confidentiality of the identity of whoever transmits information to the Supervisory Body useful for identifying behavior that differs from the provisions of Model 231 is always guaranteed, without prejudice to legal obligations and the protection of MAURELLI’s rights. or people accused erroneously and / or in bad faith.

Any form of retaliation, discrimination or penalization against those who make reports to the Supervisory Body in good faith is prohibited by the Company. MAURELLI reserves all actions against anyone who makes untrue reports in bad faith.