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In addition to the products of the major aftermarket truck brands, Maurelli also distributes under its own brand:

Gam Technic

The range is dedicated to both tractors and trailers. The products are selected and tested on vehicles before being marketed.
Among the main products treated: air springs, brake pads, brake discs, brake drums, cabin filters, indicators, kingpin kits, batteries, shock absorbers, brake levers, electric spirals, various accessories, etc.



Braking system

Brake pads, brake shoes, wear indicators, brake drums, brake calipers, wheel cylinders, brake master cylinders, brake hoses.


Shock absorbers, shock absorber mounting, suspension arms, joints, fixing parts, air springs, leaf springs.


Coupling rods, steering heads, ball joints, tie rods.


Differentials, joints, wheel bearings, wheel hubs.

Body parts

Bumpers, lighting, coatings, front grills, rear view mirrors, hoods, fenders, mud guards, sunshade, seats, seat covers.


Camshafts, cylinder head bolts, gaskets, oil seals, sensors, engine mountings, belts, belt tensioners, pulleys, clutches, flywheels, clutch forks, air filters, oil filters, fuel filters, cabin filters.

Air Compression

Air compressors, relay valves, relay emergency valves, APU, air-dryers.

Exhaust System

Silencers, pipes, catalyzers, seals, buffers, accessories.

Electrical system

Batteries, alternators, starters, head lamps, rear lamps, bulbs, wiper motor, wiper blades, window lift.

Air conditioning and heating

Radiators, intercoolers, hoses, water pipes, gaskets, water pumps, radiators, oil coolers, heating radiators, air cooling, thermostats, fans, air conditioning compressors, condensers, evaporators, heat exchangers.

Landing legs

Landing legs, fixing plates.

Accessories and chemical products

Workshop equipment, special equipment, power tools, AdBlue, additives and chemicals for the workshop.